About Me

Elizabeth Rudnick is a writer, editor, and literary agent who focuses on helping authors and creators bring their stories to life. Over the course of her twenty-year career in publishing she has worked with a variety of talent and loves all parts of the publishing process.

The mom to a book-loving, red-headed son and his red-headed dog, Elizabeth calls Cape Cod, MA her home.


When not working with authors as an agent or freelance editor, Elizabeth is writing herself and has adapted over thirty books, including the best-selling Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, as well as original stories based on hit films like Frozen and Pete’s Dragon. While middle grade is her sweet spot, she is open to writing for all ages, from early reader to adult.


Elizabeth began her career as an editor at Disney Hyperion and a piece of her heart has always stayed in that world. Whether it is working on line edits, brainstorming a character’s backstory, or big picture problem solving, Elizabeth takes the time to get to know each author and the world they are creating to best aide them in the process of bringing a book to life. During her tenure at Disney Hyperion she had the privilege of working with authors such as Melissa de la Cruz, James Ponti, Tui T. Sutherland, Kathryn Williams, Catherine Hapka, Helen Perelman, and many more.

Please reach out if you are interested in working with Elizabeth on your own story.

“It’s the kind of thing writers dream about—an agent who not only has time for you but who will truly be your champion, boosting you every step of the way while pushing your work further, deeper, better. As an editor, reader, and now agent, Elizabeth has been in my corner for more than fifteen years. She is genuine, thoughtful, dedicated, and—extremely important—experienced as both an editor and an author herself. A rare find.”
—Author Kathryn Williams

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have met Liz. She is an absolute joy to work with and was a huge part of crafting my book while staying true to my mission. She is masterful with words, but also with communication. She will always be honest and never just tell you what you want to hear. My book would not exist without her (nor would it be this good!). She needs no testimonials because she’s that amazing but I’m going to insist that she post this paragraph of praise which I’m sure she’ll also copy edit for me.”
—Author Michelle Park

“Before signing with a literary agent, I had a mental image of an ideal working relationship. My future agent would have the editing chops to collaborate with me on every stage of a project. She would be encouraging, supportive, and industry-savvy, all while communicating honestly and directly about goals and expectations. I signed with Liz and somehow ended up with ALL of that—and more. I’m grateful for her advice and editorial guidance, for the amazing book deal she landed me, and for all that’s yet to come.”
—Author Rennie Dyball
“Liz first took the time to really get me, my story, and what I was looking for in a writing career—then helped me get there. I couldn’t be happier having her with me on my journey…. Being repped by Liz feels like having an industry insider for a best friend. She’s so thoughtful, intuitive, and well connected—and brings all of that to the table to be a really effective champion for my work.”
—Erik Jon Slangerup


Elizabeth believes that a good book can, and should, transport a reader and that now, more than ever, writers have the power to be superheroes to their fans—teaching valuable lessons of grit, determination, kindness, empathy—all through the lens of entertainment.

While children’s publishing—from picture book to young adult—has been Elizabeth’s focus, she is broadening her horizons and looking to take on more commercial women’s fiction as well as adult thrillers and mysteries. She is drawn to stories with rich world building, strong character dynamics, and loves exploring the idea of firsts—first love, first breakup, first divorce. While her focus is more on contemporary stories at the moment, she is still seeking her elusive dragon series.

As an agent for the Gillian MacKenzie Agency, she represents a talented group of authors and illustrators including: Kathryn Williams, Erik Jon Slangerup, Rennie Dyball, Sascha Alper, Michelle Park, Darrin Lunde, Shelley Hampe, and more.